What is the difference between active and passive fire protection?

Essentially Active fire protection is a group of systems that actively detect and attempt to put out a fire. Passive protection is about the overall containment of a fire and ensuring that it does not spread further.

Tell me the difference between active and passive fire protection systems.

The major difference between active and passive systems is the equipment and what its configured to do in the event of a fire.

Active fire measures are:

Activation of water spray systemsSteam rings attached flanges Sprinkler systems, Firewater monitors Deluge systems

An active fire system is a series of remedial measures. The active system takes an offensive stance if a fire starts, whereas passive fire protection is more defensive.

Passive fire protection systems are built off completely different components:

Fireproof Floor ceilings and roofs, fire doors, windows, and walls, Other fire and smoke control elementsFire-resistant coatings

Essentially passive fire protection is to compartmentalise the building, and it does this through the use of fire-resistant doors, floors, and ceilings. So if a fire did break out, it would be isolated to the room, allowing anyone inside the building the opportunity to evacuate safely.

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Active / passive fire protection

A question that we are often asked is which is better active or passive fire protection? The answer is neither, both systems offer different unique benefits and are often used in tandem as opposed to one or the other.

The main goal of passive is to contain, and the goal of action is to stop the fire. So for an ideal solution, both elements are required.

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What is active fire protection?

Active fire protection systems lay dormant until one of their many triggers and fail-safes are actioned, and an active system is about extinguishing fire in an expedient way without causing more than necessary damage to the building and your equipment.

Choice of firefighting media

Your choice of firefighting media, is one of the most important choices you will make when insuring the effectiveness of your firefighting solution.

There are so many different types of fires, and the key to a good fire solution is the knowledge to anticipate what fires could start where, at Firestoppers that is what we specialise in. We can tell you what your risks are and what the best product is to combat the threat. We offer experience in all the following: 

Water extinguishersFoam extinguishers. Dry chemical powder Carbon dioxide, Vaporising liquidsInert gases 

If you used any of these on an incorrect type of fire, you could make things far worse and only cause the fire to spread faster.

Fire protection system maintenance

Just as important as having a system, is the upkeep of the design – the most effective way to maintain your system’s readiness is through Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance (ITM). Supplementary to regular ITM tests, you should also carry out regular maintenance on the equipment.

If you would like us to offer any advice on the upkeep of your system or want to consider a new system entirely, then contact us today.

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Performance of the protective system

Performance-based fire safety is the process of designing offensive (Active) and defensive (Passive) protection methods that integrate into your home, office, or commercial premises. They should be tailor-made to combat all risks, and everything should be considered and remediated.

When selecting a Fire Protection company, it’s paramount for the provider to be certified and to prove they have worked on similar projects in the past.

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Installation of Fire Protection Systems

The thought of installing an all-encompassing fire stoppers solution can feel like a daunting prospect, but at fire stoppers, we are well-versed in working around business requirements. 

We will first meet you to establish your requirementsThen we will conduct a site survey to ensure the system we recommend will either sit in synergy with existing measures already in placeThen we will provide you with a concept of design and a quoteUpon acceptance, we will get to work, working around your peak hours and limiting, where possible, ourselves to one area at a time to avoid any disruptionOnce the system is installed, we will carry out, and tests requiredFinally, upon completing the project, watch your stress reduce along with your insurance premiums!

Passive Fire Protection 

Firestoppers has helped countless individuals and companies reduce liability, insurance, and stress by installing state-of-the-art passive and active fire solutions.

If you have a dated solution in place or need a new system altogether, Firestoppers should be your first point of call.

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