Top Ten Ways to protect my business from fire? January 2023

Fit a Smoke Alarm

Although this may seem like a surprisingly simple tip, it would astound you how many businesses do not have fire alarms fitted, either at all or not a sufficient amount for the building.

Fire spreads rapidly , in 30 seconds a small flame can combust into a roaring fire. With a full fledged fire it can take only minutes to fill a building with thick black smoke. Ensure you have working smoke detectors in every area of your business premises.

 Portable fire extinguishers

All businesses should ensure that there are plenty of portable fire extinguishers on hand. These are particularly important in high risk areas of commercial premises. High risk areas can be quantified, by areas that have open flames (kitchens, boiler rooms etc)

PAT Testing Electrical Equipment

It’s a legal requirement for businesses to ensure electrical equipment to be PAT tested (Portable Appliance Testing). The equipment must be tested to ensure that its safe, an examination of the equipment including the wire and devices themselves.

Once a piece of equipment is examined, it will get a label saying it’s been tested and a corresponding date.

Fire Evacuation Plan

Every business must legally have a fire evacuation plan. Section 11 of the 2005 Act states that employers are required to prepare and revise adequate emergency plans and procedures and provide the necessary measures for fire fighting and the evacuation of the workplace.

Designated Fire Safety Officers

In addition to the evacuation plan, a business must have a designated fire officer(s). These should be staff members, who are rarely offsite and one of the officers should always be on site during times where the office is occupied.

Regular Fire Safety Training

In Ireland it’s a legal requirement that all staff have adequate fire safety training. Your staff must be well versed in the actions that must be taken in the event of a fire.

 Space Heater Safety

With energy prices increasing, a lot of businesses are using space heaters to add temporary heat to specific rooms. Space heaters are one of the main causes of fires in Ireland. You must ensure that space heaters are distanced safely from furniture or combustible materials.

Never Block Your Fire Exit

Again another relatively obvious, yet overlooked point. All commercial premises must have ample fire exits relative to the size of the premises. Ensure that you never block any of these exits as if a fire was to break out then criminal charges could potentially follow,

Be Smoker Aware

A Lot of businesses will have people who smoke. There should always be a designated smoking area , away from any combustible materials. A suitable cigarette disposal fixture should be inside the area (Ashtray. Bucket of sand , Etc) 

Kitchen Fire Safety

One of the biggest areas fire stems from , is kitchen fires. Depending on how the fire is generated will depend  on how the fire should be handled.

For example, a grease fire will be extinguished with a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Whereas an oven fire will need a Class F Wet chemical extinguisher.

Passive Fire Protection Dublin

If you are looking to upgrade your system, install a completely new system or would just like some advice on what’s required to protect your business, Firestoppers can help.

At Firestoppers we have helped countless business owners protect their premises and staff. 

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