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The structural integrity of a building is easily the most costly to repair if rendered unsafe by extreme temperatures or smoke damage. At Firestoppers, we specialise in structural steel fire protection. Contact us today for a free quote.

What is Structural steel fire protection?

Most commercial premises will use steel girders and columns to support the building. Structural steel fire protection is where passive fire protection solutions are implemented to protect the integrity of the structure of a building.

Firestoppers are a leading provider in Ireland of passive fire protection solutions. If you are unsure whether your structural steel is adequately protected, we can arrange a free fire safety audit and follow up with a site survey if necessary.

When it comes to the safety of you, your company, your building and your business, no step is to excessive. Contact us today for independent specialist advice on implementing a comprehensive fire safety plan. 


image of a fire safety consultant placing intrumescent coatings on a commerial structure in dublin
image of a steel structure that was recently trreated with passive fire protection intumscent paint

What are the three types of structural steel Fire protection

Structural steel fire protection is a vital component of any fire safety plan and, more often than not, will be the focus of a fire safety audit. There are three different types of structural steel protection:

Intumescent Fire Stopping Paints

Intumescent paint is a type of reactive paint which expands or ‘intumesces’ to many times its original thickness when exposed to high temperatures.

Cladding with Fire Stopping Boards

Most traditional cladding solutions are D rated and, therefore, combustible. Fireproof cladding boards are made from fire-resistant materials such as aluminium.

Firestopping Sprays

Cementitious sprays are an easy-to-apply and extremely effective fireproofing solution for steel and concrete structures.

What Are Examples of structual steel Protection Products?

Structural steel protection is one of the most important elements of passive fire protection. The reason for this is that it protects the structural intergrity of your commercial premises. 

Some of the products we use for structural steel protection are:


Steel only buildings are at a reduced risk of fire damage, but none the less all structural componenets should be fireproofed. An average steel structure can only withstand 30 minutes of fire without sufficient fireproofing.

Firestopping boards offer the most effective protection for structural steel. Firestopping boards can triple the amount of time a building can withstand damage from a fire.

How effective a layer of of an intumescent fire resistive coating depends on the coating thickness. Coating thickness typically ranges from 30 to 500 mills.

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All of our products come with full certification, showing exactly what has been done and what dates it needs to be reviewed.

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