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Intumescent Paint
Intumescent paint is a specialised fire retardant coating used to reduce the spread of fire in buildings and infrastructure. It works as a passive fire protection system, meaning it expands and forms an insulating barrier when exposed to high heat without needing any external power.
image of a passive fire protection system working in a comercial warehouse, the system is a series of intumescent paints and sprays over steel structural components

At FireStoppers, we offer a range of high-quality intumescent paint products. Our intumescent paints are made from the highest quality fire-resistant materials and are rigorously tested.

Intumescent paint is a type of fire retardant coating that is used to help protect buildings and infrastructure from the spread of fire. It works as a passive fire protection system, meaning it does not require any external power or activation to function.

The key property of intumescent paint is that it swells up when exposed to heat, forming an insulating char layer. This char insulates the underlying surface from heat and flames. It also helps slow the spread of fire from one section to another, buying time for fire response.

Intumescent coatings contain chemical ingredients that cause the expansion when reaching high temperatures. These ingredients include ammonium polyphosphate, pentaerythritol, and melamine. When the intumescent paint is exposed to temperatures above 250°C, these chemicals give off non-flammable gases. This causes the coating to rise up to 50 times its original thickness, creating a thick and porous charred layer.

This expanded char acts as a barrier between the flames and the material underneath. It slows the transfer of heat, keeping the temperature of the underlying surface lower. This can prevent or delay the ignition of the underlying material. It also obstructs oxygen from reaching the surface, suppressing combustion.

In summary, intumescent coatings are an important passive fire protection system for buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure. The expansion effect blocks heat and flames while also cutting off oxygen supply. This slows fire spread and prevents ignition, buying time for fire response teams. Intumescent paints thus play a crucial role in limiting fire damage and preventing structural failures.

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