passive fire products

Fire Certified installations such as Doors require certified ironmongery, the ironmongery is not for the door itself but its auxiliary fixtures such as hinges, closers, locks and latches. All these fixtures are vital to the fire resistance of the door assembly.

Fire Doors require fixtures such as hinges, closers, locks, and latches which should be CE-marked and approved. The fixtures are vital to the fire resistance performance of the door assembly.

  • Closers (on non-latched doors) MUST be CERTIFIRE Approved
  • Hinges comply with annex B of BS EN 1935 – And are CERTIFIRE Approved. Made of metal with a melting point above 800°C.
  • Mortice or tubular mortice comply with BS EN 12209. These may be lockable or un-lockable types depending on door requirements

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