passive fire safety audit

Passive Fire Safety Audits are an extremely important process.

The audit will look at the building in its entirety and highlight any aspects that would endanger the continuity of the structure in the event of a fire.

What is passive fire protection?

Passive Fire Protection – often referred to as (PFP) – is a type of fire protection that focuses on containing the fire and substantially mitigating damage caused by the extreme temperatures and smoke.

Passive Fire Protection is different to its counterpart (Active fire prevention) as it’s not trying to extinguish the fire.

Passive fire protection’s primary goal is to contain the fire to one space, allowing time for occupants to exit the building to ensure the best chance of loss of life. Its secondary goal is to protect the building and to limit the damage caused.

image of a fire safety consultant placing intrumescent coatings on a commerial structure in dublin
two passsive fire protection engineers conducting a site survery at a commercail premises iin north dublin

What is a passive Fire Protection Survey?

A passive fire protection survey is undertaken by a PFP specialist.

While installing PFP technologies, certain amendments, improvements and alterations to a building structure may need to be made. The survey will detail all of this information and provide detailed insights into how the building could best be amended to effectively resist fire and smoke if there was ever an incident.

Its a legal requirment that all buildings (with the exception of residential dwellings) have a regular inspection as passive protections can fail after short periods of time.

What Are Examples of Passive Fire Protection Products?

In an over populated market place there are 100’s of products available. At Firestoppers we only use market leading technologies and products that we independantly research.

Some of the products we use are:


Site Audits differ in price depending on lots of variables, such as size, nature of the site, location and much more. In some instances Firestoppers offer a free site survey – the best choice is to call firestoppers and discuss your requirements.

Passive and Active Fire Protection are completely different and most commercial structures need to use them in tandem.

No, in Ireland it’s not mandatory, but definitely advisable to protect against loss of life. 

There are no specific time periods but regular inspections are advised.

Providing clients with a professional, reliable, cost effective and efficient service



All of our products come with full certification, showing exactly what has been done and what dates it needs to be reviewed.

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