Intumescent Coatings

Fire stoppers provide a wide array of passive fire prevention services. One of the most fundamental for commercial and residential blocks is our intumescent paint and coatings.


Although often overlooked in terms of importance, fire damage on commercial Irish and UK units cost over one bn in repairs in 2022. A passive fire protection system is one of the most cost-effective solutions for industrial structures.

Intumescent paint is one of the most essential elements of a commercial fire protection system.

Imagine you tried to ignite a piece of paper; how quickly would it burn? Now imagine that same piece of paper was dipped in thick wax – it would burn considerably slower, if at all.

The same logic applies to buildings with intumescent paint.

Structural Steel Intumescent paint

Our Intumescent paint covers many building types; one of the most important types to coat is steel structures. Without intumescent colour, a steel structure can reach temperatures exceeding 550 Degrees in minutes.

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Passive fire protection coatings

A passive fire protection coating or PFP coating. It is a layer or several layers of intumescent paint applied to an industrial or residential building that prevents damage during a fire.

By being passive, the coating protects against the adverse effects of fire but does not stop it.

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Structural Steel and Warehouse industrial coating

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Metal Decking fire protection

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All of our products come with full certification, showing exactly what has been done and what dates it needs to be reviewed.


Intumescent paint consists of a light char which is a poor conductor of heat, thus retarding heat transfer. 

Ordinarily, the light char consists of three main components: ammonium polyphosphate, pentaerythritol tetranitrate, and melamine.

Intumescence is a specific way of fighting fire; it’s a passive fire protection measure. The methodology is forming a char layer that can protect the substrate and limit the damage and degradation, isolating the surface from heat

he aesthetically pleasing finish and adaptability to the steel shape enables the steel to be exposed and protected.