The scheme will provide for a form of certification, based on the Code of Practice, in relation to the works carried out to remediate defects in an apartment/duplex building This is important for a range of stakeholders and processes e.g. insurance bodies, financial institutions, conveyancing etc

what is interim remidation scheme?

he Interim Remediation Scheme for Fire Safety Defects in Eligible Apartments and Duplexes is an interim scheme introduced by the Irish government in 2023. It aims to provide funding on an urgent basis for fire safety remediation works in apartments and duplexes built between 1991-2013 that have fire safety defects.

image of a fire safety consultant placing intrumescent coatings on a commerial structure in dublin
engineer applying an intumescent coating to a strucutral steel beam. Enginner is dressed in hi-vis jacket and a white safety hat

who is it for?

This interim scheme was developed pending the establishment of a full statutory Apartment and Duplex Defects Remediation Scheme.

The statutory scheme will provide a comprehensive legal basis for remediating fire safety, structural safety and water ingress defects in apartments/duplexes constructed between 1991-2013. The interim scheme focuses only on urgently addressing fire safety defects through funded works to improve safety levels until the statutory scheme can fully remediate all defects.

how can i apply?

To apply for funding under the Interim Remediation Scheme, Owners’ Management Companies (OMCs) must submit a complete application form. The application form can be accessed online at the following link. The application form must be filled out in full by an authorised representative of the OMC seeking funding. 

All required information and documentation must be provided. Once a complete application is submitted, the Housing Agency will assign a case number within 7-10 working days. The OMC will then receive an Applicant Pack by email containing further details on next steps in the process. Previous Expressions of Interest submitted are not sufficient. A full application form must be completed to be considered for funding under the Interim Remediation Scheme.

two passsive fire protection engineers conducting a site survery at a commercail premises iin north dublin
fire remediation grant building


The Interim Remediation Scheme will provide full funding for necessary fire safety works in eligible apartments and duplexes.

This will enable an acceptable interim level of fire safety to be achieved pending the future completion of full remedial works under the comprehensive statutory scheme.

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