How to Stop Fire Spreading

Fire can quickly grow out of control and spread rapidly if not contained. Taking preventative measures is key to stopping accidental fires before they start and limiting the damage if one does occur. For Firestoppers, a passive fire protection company based in Dublin, here are some tips on how to stop fire from spreading in a building or home.

How does fire spread?

Fire can spread quickly through a building or home in a variety of ways if not contained. Understanding how fire spreads can help you take steps to limit its impact.

  • Convection – Hot gases and smoke rise, spreading fire to floors above. This is why fires seem to move upwards.
  • Radiation – Heat radiates out from the fire, igniting nearby combustible materials like furniture or curtains.
  • Direct contact – The fire itself touches flammable items, causing them to catch fire as well.
  • Embers – Burning embers are released by the fire and float through the air, landing on and igniting new fuel sources.
  • Conduction – Fire travels along solid surfaces like walls or metal pipes that conduct heat. This can spread fire between walls or to other rooms.
  • Vertical openings – Open stairwells, elevator shafts, and atriums allow fire and smoke to rise rapidly through a building.
  • Horizontal openings – Open doors, corridors, and spaces under doors permit fire to spread horizontally between compartments.

Check the Electrical Frequently

Faulty electrical wiring and outlets are a major cause of accidental fires. Conduct regular checks of all electrical systems and immediately address any issues like worn cords, loose connections, or overloaded outlets.

Never Leave Flames Unattended

Fires can ignite and spread quickly if open flames from candles, gas stoves, or cigarettes are left burning. Never leave the room when candles or stoves are lit, and fully extinguish any smoking materials.

Not Smoking Indoors

Smoke indoors is the leading cause of fatal fires. Prohibit smoking inside buildings and only allow it in designated outdoor areas with proper cigarette disposal.

Put Out the Fire

If a small fire does start, act quickly to extinguish it. Keep fire extinguishers around the home and know how to properly use them to stop the fire before it grows.

Add Fire Doors

Fire doors are designed to compartmentalise fires and keep them contained in one area. Install them between sections of buildings and keep them closed to stop the fire from spreading.

Conduct Regular Fire Risk Assessments

Routinely evaluating properties for fire hazards allows you to identify risks and take action. Assess factors like fire exits, alarm systems, extinguishers, and flammable items.

Do Not Leave Cooking Food Unattended

Kitchen fires often start from overheated cooking oil or unattended appliances. Stay in the kitchen when cooking and turn off stoves and ovens if leaving the room.

Keep Flammable Items Away from Heat

Things like chemicals, oils, and cleaning products can easily ignite if left near a heat source. Store them safely away from appliances like water heaters or furnaces.

Regularly Checking Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms provide critical early warning of fires. Test them monthly, replace batteries yearly, and update any units over 10 years old.

Taking preventative steps and being prepared with safety knowledge helps stop the fire from spreading through buildings. Let Firestoppers know if you need any fire protection services for your home or business.

Passive Fire Protection Specialists

Firestoppers are the leading passive fire protection specialists in Ireland. With over 20 years of experience, our team of experts understands how to stop the spread of fire and smoke in buildings.

We provide a range of firestopping products and services including fire-resistant coatings, fire-rated doors, fire-stopping sealants, and fire compartmentation surveys. Our focus is on passive fire protection measures that contain fires without any action required.

At Firestoppers, we’re committed to keeping people and properties safe from fire. We stay up-to-date on the latest fire codes and regulations to design comprehensive solutions. Trust us for all your passive fire protection needs, from new builds to retrofits.

Contact Firestoppers today to discuss a fire risk assessment or request a quote on fire-stopping products for your building.

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