Fire Stopping

Fire stoppers Ireland offer a wide range of Fire stoping and Fire Prevention solutions to both the commercial and residential markets.


Passive fire protection is the terminology used to describe measures designed to slow or impede the effects of structural degradation caused by extreme temperatures, fire and smoke damage.

Passive fire protection is different to active fire protection, as active concentrates on pacifyiinbg the damage where as passive concentrates on slowing the spread and protecting both the property and human life.

Fire Stopping Products

Intumescent Strips

Intumescent strips, otherwise known as fire door strips, are fitted around fire doors to seal gaps and prevent the spread of smoke and fire.

Floor Barriers

Cavity barriers are passive fire protection elements that prevent flames and smoke from spreading via the walls.

Putty Pads

Putty pads are used to isolate plastic pipes from concrete, this helps to speed up the reaction of intumescent materials such as paint or door stops. Fire Compound.

Intumescent Paint

Intumescent paint is activated at a certain temperature and is to retard the degradation caused by high temperatures, fire and smoke damage.

Intumescent Mastic Seals

Intumescent sealants, otherwise known as fire mastics are to reinforce the fire resistance of, floors, door frames and walls by sealing gap joint seals and metallic pipes.

Fire Wraps

Intumescent Pipe Collars & Fire Wraps are to help reinstate the fire resistance of a wall or floor, which has been penetrated to allow utility services such as gas and water.

Fire Rated Collars

Fire collars are designed to maintain the fire resistance level of a building part where building service or utilities pass through. They stop fire, heat, smoke and gas migrating between compartments of a building.

Fire Rated Batt

Fire Batt is an ablative coated board used as a firestop material to reinstate the fire rating of wall and floor constructions where they have been penetrated by services.

Intumescent Fire Pillows

Intumescent pillows, otherwise known as fire pillows, expand and swell when exposed to certain temperature this creates a barrier that stops and impedes the spread of fire.

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