Fire Remediation Grant – What you need to know in 2024

As Ireland’s leading passive fire protection company, Firestoppers understands the critical importance of proper fire safety in multi-unit residential buildings. That’s why we want to provide an overview of the new fire remediation grant and what it means for apartment and duplex owners.

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What is the fire remediation grant?

The fire remediation grant is a new scheme announced by the Irish government in 2023 to provide funding to fix serious fire safety defects in apartments and duplexes built between 1991 and 2013. Many buildings from this era suffer from issues like flammable cladding, inadequate fire stopping, and a lack of proper fire compartments.

The grant will be administered by the Housing Agency and will provide money directly to owners’ management companies (OMCs) to carry out necessary remediation work. This includes repairs to common areas and individual units. The amount of funding will depend on the extent of fire safety defects identified in each building.

An interim version of the scheme launched in December 2023 specifically targets emergency fire safety issues on a short-term basis. But the full nationwide scheme is expected to begin operation this year once enabling legislation has passed.

Why is the grant needed?

The fire remediation grant aims to address systematic shortcomings in fire safety standards for multi-unit dwellings built over 20 years ago. Design and construction flaws that impact fire containment, smoke extraction, evacuation routes, and other critical safety measures were unfortunately common during this period.

For example, inappropriate exterior cladding materials have contributed to the rapid spread of flames in highrise fires worldwide. Ireland has so far avoided disasters on the scale of Grenfell Tower in London. However, a 2020 review identified hundreds of buildings in Ireland that require remediation for dangerous cladding alone.

The grant scheme will alleviate a huge financial burden on property owners by funding vital upgrades to meet modern safety codes. It provides a path forward to protect lives and give residents peace of mind.

What buildings will qualify?

The fire remediation grant is available for all apartment and duplex buildings constructed from 1991 to 2013 inclusive. This encompasses the period when flawed Building Regulation guidance was in place, leading to structural vulnerabilities.

To qualify, OMCs must demonstrate that fire safety defects arose due to one of the following:

  • Faulty or non-compliant design
  • Incorrect materials selection
  • Poor workmanship during construction

Pre-existing maintenance issues or problems caused by later renovation work will not be covered under the grant scheme.

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What work will the grant fund?

The scope of the grant scheme is focused on fire safety matters only. This includes:

  • Replacement of dangerous exterior cladding
  • Upgrades to compartment walls and fire stops
  • Improvements to escape routes and signage
  • Installation of modern fire detection and alarm systems
  • Enhanced smoke extraction equipment

Structural repairs, water ingress fixes, and other non-fire items will be funded through a separate stream.

As passive fire protection specialists, Firestoppers is well equipped to assist OMCs in identifying deficiencies, specifying solutions, and executing approved upgrades. Our team of chartered fire engineers and product technicians routinely handle complex fire-stopping and fire-protection projects across Ireland.

How can I apply?

Individual apartment owners cannot directly apply for the fire remediation grant. The application process must be coordinated through your OMC.

Here are the steps:

  1. Contact your OMC to request an inspection and assessment for potential fire safety defects.
  2. If issues are found, the OMC should immediately apply to the interim scheme if emergency repairs are needed. For all other matters, they apply once the full scheme opens in 2024.
  3. The Housing Agency will review applications and determine appropriate funding levels for required works.
  4. OMCs can then engage contractors like Firestoppers to complete upgrades across the building.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need help liaising with your OMC or want professional advice on potential fire hazards we can help address. We’re happy to consult at any stage in the process.

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Can I get reimbursed for previous work done?

If you completed fire safety repairs before December 2023, a legacy defect scheme is also planned to reimburse costs already incurred by OMCs and owners. Details are not yet finalized, but all qualifying remediation work done since January 2023 will likely be covered.

This is welcome news for those who have already taken proactive measures to increase building fire protection. Even minor upgrades like new fire doors or emergency lighting can represent a substantial expense.


The new fire remediation grant presents a fantastic opportunity to remedy, longstanding issues and transform ageing multi-unit dwellings into modern, safe buildings. We applaud the government’s action on this critical matter of public safety and stand ready to assist OMCs and homeowners throughout the process.

Don’t settle for outdated, inadequate fire protection. With the upcoming grant scheme, cost should no longer be a barrier to essential upgrades. Contact Firestoppers today for a no-obligation consultation on securing your property against the risk of fire.

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