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Fire doors are an extremely important part of passive fire protection.

Fire doors act as a barrier between different areas of the same building helping to compartmentalise the flames and smoke.


Fire doors are an essential part of any fire safety plan. But like most technologies, fire doors can quickly become outdated or ineffective. 

Therefore its paramount importance to regularly survey the doors you have in place, to ensure they are kept inline with all current safety and complaince standard.

Firestoppers are a passive fire protection specialist and can provide expert advice on installing fire doors, or upgrading the doors you currently have. Contact us today for a free fire safety audit.



image of a fire safety consultant placing intrumescent coatings on a commerial structure in dublin
two passsive fire protection engineers conducting a site survery at a commercail premises iin north dublin

What is a fire door Survey?

At Firestoppers, we offer a comprehensive fire door survey service. During a fire door survey we will:

Stage One:
Perform a verbal consultation during which we will establish your requirements.

Stage Two:
Perform a site visit and review what you currently have installed.

Stage Three:
Provide you with a detailed report containing recommendations on what should be changed or improved upon.

What Are Examples of Fire door Protection Products?

Fire doors are an extremely important installation and should be implemented as part of your commercial fire safety plan.

Some of the products we complement our fire door installation and upgrade service with are:


Fire doors should be fitted by a registered compliant professional.

There are some instance where a fire door can be fitted to an existing frame, but this is not a decision that should be made by anyone other than a registered fire safety specialist.

Yes fire doors are a vital part of your fire safety plan, fire doors create a preventative barrier that substanitally retards the flames and smokes ability from travelling between rooms. 

In the event that a fire door is not suitble for your premises, then a great alternative is a fire curtain. 

Providing clients with a professional, reliable, cost effective and efficient service



All of our products come with full certification, showing exactly what has been done and what dates it needs to be reviewed.

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