Fire Damper Testing & Inspection

Fire Dampers are an incredibly important aspect of passive fire protection. Make sure yours are inspected/tested regularly.

What are Fire dampers?

Fire Dampers are an integral part of passive fire protection; the main purpose of a fire damper is to prevent fire/smoke from crossing a barrier.

They’re often installed near the wall, floor or where appropriate.

Fire dampers are ducting fittings. They are usually used whenever there is a fire-resistant wall in the property. Because of the ducting vent, there will be a place through which fire and smoke can escape from one room to another. 

Fire dampers stop the fire and smoke from passing through; this allows time for the occupants of the building to escape and call emergency services.


Image of a Fire Damper

What are the 3 types of Fire dampers?

There are several types of fire dampers and each have their own application:


Dynamic Dampers are intalled in vertical barriers and feature a spring loaded mechanism. In the event of a fire the spring automatically closes the damper doors.


Installed in horizontal barriers, these fire dampers have a curtain-like design. In case of fire, the damper drops like a sheet, preventing heat, flames and smoke from travelling.


These are the most common dampers as they release both smoke and flame. There are some cicumstances when you might want to containt the fire while letting the smoke to esape in order to alert others. In this instance this damper would not be suitable.


A fire damper is required anywhere that there is a space or opending thats designed to pass enviromental air from one space to another, This is often the building ventilation system or ductwork

Fire stop flaps are only installed horizontally in the listed fire rated assembly. Dampers are automatically activated by heat, and/or smoke.

Our fire dampers are automated and activated by extreme temperatures or smoke, so your dampers will close and open automaticaly inline with your fire safety stratergy

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All of our products come with full certification, showing exactly what has been done and what dates it needs to be reviewed.

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