Do I need a Fire Alarm System | Complete Guide 2023

In a word “YES” is the answer to the question of whether or not you need a fire alarm system. Although some businesses are divided on what method of fire protection is more effective (passive or active fire protection), there is no debate surrounding whether or not an alarm system is necessary. All businesses regardless of size in Ireland should have a suitable fire alarm system in place.

In this article, we will look at why fire alarms are so crucial and how best to go about getting one installed.

Why should I have a system?

Fire alarms are less of a choice than an absolute essential for any residential, commercial or industrial building in Ireland. Here are our top 4 reasons to install a fire alarm system on your property

Reduce Damage or Building Loss

One of the most pertinent reasons that property owners opt to install a fire alarm is that it allows them to substantially reduce the risk of damage or overall property loss. Not only will an alarm system alert occupants while the fire is in its infancy which often allows time for the fire to be neutralised before it becomes “less manageable” and needs professional intervention. 

A good fire alarm system will also notify your local fire station and expedite their arrival at the scene.

Fire Alarms Prevent Loss Of Life

In our opinion, the most important reason to install a fire alarm system is to reduce the threat of loss of life. A fire alarm allows a notification to all occupants to exit and follow a pre-arranged evacuation plan.

Remain Compliant 

Buildings in Ireland need to adhere to a certain level of fire safety, having an appropriate alarm system installed goes a long way towards this. Supplementary to this, insurance companies will often give discounts to buildings that have sufficient fire safety measures.

Round-the-clock protection

Regardless of your presence in the building, whether you’re awake or asleep, or even if you’re in the room or elsewhere, a fire alarm system operates 24/7 to safeguard your well-being. Since fires can occur unpredictably, you can reduce stress and anxiety by installing a fire alarm system that promptly notifies you at the first sign of smoke. This early warning allows you to evacuate the building safely and avoid any potential harm.

The Law 

When considering the law in the context of fire alarms there are two key documents that should be read

Types of fire alarm Systems

When considering what fire alarm system to install there are several options. The three most popular choices are:

Conventional Fire Alarms

These fire detection systems divide your premises into a number of zones. In the event of an alert – that may be triggered automatically by a smoke detector or manually by a ‘break glass’ alarm – wiring that is linked to an LED control panel will identify the zone. But it won’t indicate the precise area.

Addressable Fire Alarms

Here, each individual device, such as a smoke or heat detector, has its own unique device address. If one activates, the fire alarm system control panel tells you precisely where the problem is.

Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless fire detection systems use a wireless relay between the sensor (smoke detector) and the control panel. Wireless fire alarms work using a signal being sent from the detection point to the main box, not only does this allow for precision pinpointing of the fire’s location, but it also negated the need for lots of wiring over your premises.

Fire Protection Specialist Dublin

Firestoppers is a fire protection specialist offering both active and passive protection solutions to residential and commercial buildings across Ireland.

If you are looking to increase your safety measure then our experienced team can help, contact us today for free advice and/or a comprehensive fire safety audit.

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