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How does intumescent paint work? Complete Guide

Intumescent paint is a crucial fire protection product used to coat building materials to greatly improve their fire resistance. But how exactly does this unique paint work to slow the spread of flames? This complete guide will explain what intumescent paint is, how it works, and its key applications. What

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image of red fire pipe for the post what are the two different types of fire protection

What are the Two Types of Fire Protection?

Fire protection is a crucial element of any building’s safety system. There are two main types of fire protection – passive and active. Understanding how these systems work and integrating them appropriately can make the difference between life and death in a fire emergency. For buildings in Dublin, having the

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image of a fire in a concrete building , flames are tearing up a concreate wall with no firestopping technology, image is for the blog post what is firestopping?

What Is Fire Stopping?

Fire stopping refers to the practice of sealing openings and joints in building construction to impede the spread of fire and smoke. Properly installed fire-stopping acts as a firebreak, limiting flames, deadly gases, and high temperatures from penetrating walls and floors. This vital fire protection method saves lives and property

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image of a fire door and red hose , for a featured image of advantages of passive fire protection

What are the advantages of passive fire protection? | Updated 2023

Protecting buildings and infrastructure from the devastating effects of fire is a crucial safety concern. While active fire protection systems like sprinklers and alarms play an important role, passive fire protection measures are an essential first line of defence.  Passive fire protection refers to building materials and design elements that

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water suppression system

What is the most common fire protection system | Updated Guide 2023

With raging wildfires and business-crippling blazes on the rise, fire protection is more crucial than ever. But between high-pressure water systems, chemical suppressants, and gas extinguishers, how do you choose? This comprehensive guide examines today’s most popular fire suppression systems to match the ideal solution to your needs and assets.

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image of 4 fire extinguishers that are being disposed of and replaced

When to replace a fire extinguisher? Updated 2023 guidelines.

The best rule of thumb is to replace all fire extinguishers every 12 months (regardless of condition) In addition to replacing them every 12 months, a regular monthly check of both the integrity of the equipment and its pressure is also strongly advisable. Fire safety is one of the most

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blog post whiy is fire safety so important

Why is fire safety important?

Fire protection and prevention are two of the most important aspects of any commercial or residential unit’s safety plan. Fire has the potential to engulf an entire building in under 30m minutes, the destructive power of extreme temperatures and smoke present a risk to not only property but also human

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an image of a fire safety consultant visting a commercial premises in ireland the words do i need a fire safety audit next to it on right side

Do I need a fire safety certificate | 2023 Guide?

Yes, you do need a fire safety certificate if you building or buying residential or commercial premises.  Holding a certificate is of paramount importance that your building has a valid date fire safety certificate.  Failure to possess a safety certificate will leave you open to potential prosecution under the building

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Do I need a Fire Alarm System | Complete Guide 2023

In a word “YES” is the answer to the question of whether or not you need a fire alarm system. Although some businesses are divided on what method of fire protection is more effective (passive or active fire protection), there is no debate surrounding whether or not an alarm system

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Image of a fire protection specilaist next to the words what is a fire safety audit

What is a fire safety audit?

A Fire Safety Audit is a crucial process conducted by a fire safety specialist, whether active or passive, who visits a commercial site to assess the existing fire safety, suppression, and prevention systems in place.

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