Firestoppers have over 20 years experience in the fire prevention industry in Ireland.


Our team of dedicated professionals has over 20 years experience dealing with Fire Prevention services in Ireland. 

We partner with only the top brands in the field and offer a second-to-none consultation service.

Specialising in the supply, installation and servicing of
a variety of different fire prevention products


Industrial Fire Prevention

Firestoppers Irelands leading fire protection company 3

Commercial Fire Prevention

Firestoppers Irelands leading fire protection company 5

Hotel & Leisure Fire Prevention


Residential Fire Prevention

Why Choose Firestoppers?

We have the solutions For All Industries

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Fire Prevention services in Ireland, has positioned us to be able to offer market leading solutions to all industries. 

From Residential builds to industrial premises our team has been there and done that! We can provide a quality consultation process and site survey ensuring you get exactly what your project needs.

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News & Information

image of a fire in a concrete building , flames are tearing up a concreate wall with no firestopping technology, image is for the blog post what is firestopping?

What Is Fire Stopping?

Fire stopping refers to the practice of sealing openings and joints in building construction to impede the spread of fire and smoke. Properly installed fire-stopping

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